EVAR East Valley Amateur Radio

Welcome to Amateur Radio club EVAR and station K7EVR. We are a group of hams in the East Valley sector of the metro Phoenix AZ area. The club was formed to promote experimentation and deployment of various digital communications modes and apply them to Amateur Radio applications. These include DStar, DMR, YSF, P25, NXDN , point to point digital links and mesh networks. Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem (MMDVM) is of particular interest.

As part of these technologies, the need for accurate timing and frequency measurement is recognized, and we maintain also strong interest in high stability frequency references and time keeping as well. Also, ancillary to these radio systems, is the use of various wired networking and computer techniques. Small, inexpensive single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi and it’s variants find wide use in these systems, and therefore also are necessary to understand and program.

Many of these advanced Amateur Radio system have already been installed in various regions of the US and other areas of the world. Our goal is to encourage understanding and experimentation with these exciting new digital communication techniques. That’s a big reason that Amateur Radio stays fresh; technology moves forward and Amateur Radio adapts with it.

K7EVR Digital Amateur Radio